Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the creation of a better and stable environment for the community through youth-led activities​ through the following objectives

  • Creation of a network platform for youth engagement in protecting the environment
  • Promote social inclusion, gender and public formal and informal participation in climate action activities.
  • Serve as a think tank in the generation of strong community projects with measurable impacts to address global environmental challenges
  • Drive action, initiative to support the national and international decisions that focus on job creation through environmental protection
  • Promote environmental education and community awareness on climate change and environmental protection

Our Story

The Green Protector (TGP), previously known as The Green Fighter(TGF) is a youth lead NGO that started from the vision, idea, and commitment of Miss Ineza Umuhoza Grace where in 2017, as she was in her third-year university; she ventured in climate action and climate leadership as a result of being selected as part of 25 emerging leaders across Africa, and her participation in the COP 15 of the United Nations Convention on Combating Desertification (UNCCD).

In 2018, after securing the first office of the initiative,within the University of Rwanda, on the 23rd March 2018, the first meeting with volunteers was organized where a group of young people from a wide range of educational backgrounds came together to commit and fully engage in the contribution towards the sustainability of the environment by making tomorrow a better place starting today. The organization becomes operational through mobilizing resources in terms of knowledge, skills, expertise, and financial means to sustain the organization’s overall goal and objective. As per the Governing document of the organization, our mission is to contribute to the creation of a better and stable environment for the community through youth activities and commitment to the environment

What We Do

We coordinate a wide range of activities and initiatives aligned to our objectives and mission, which can be clustered into three main categories


Environmental and Climate Change Education

This encompasses efforts to educate individuals and communities about environmental issues, fostering a deeper understanding of the natural world and promoting sustainable practices.



Environmental and Climate Change Action

This involves taking tangible steps to address environmental challenges and create positive change.

Youth Climate Dialogue

Environmental and Climate Change Policy

This involves the development and implementation of laws, regulations, and initiatives aimed at protecting the environment and addressing climate change

Our team

 We are 8 young leaders working across 6 offices: executive, finance, operation, environmental education, communication, and logistics. 

Umuhoza Grace Ineza

Chief Executive Officer

Ineza is an eco-feminist and impact-driven actor in the climate change/environment sector based in Rwanda and a researcher in the field of climate change with a focus on climate justice and its policy. She is also the  founder of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, a Global Citizen Winner 2023, An Obama Leader 2022, and a Nat-Geo 2020, to name a few

Isingizwe Sandra​

Chief Environmental and Climate Change Education Officer

Sandra is a Rwandan female holding a Bachelor’s degree in Water and environmental Engineering. she actively engages with the community, particularly youth and children, fostering mutual learning and education on climate change and environmental protection.  She is also a junior negotiator focusing on Action for Climate Empowerment and Transparency

Olivier Ishimwe

Chief Operations Officer & Communication Lead

Olivier is a  young environmentalist from Rwanda, holding a bachelor’s degree in Water and Environmental Engineering. Notably, Olivier serves as a distinguished youth negotiator, specializing in Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, particularly focused on Carbon Markets. Since 2021, he has adeptly represented his nation in pivotal global climate change negotiations. 

Mukayiranga Peace Eva

Chief Finance Officer

Eva is an  environmentalist and climate finance negotiator in the UNFCCC since 2018, Eva works to advance the needs and priorities of vulnerable countries in terms of climate finance and loss and damage within the international fora. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Master’s degree in carbon management. She serves as the finance officer in the Green Protector.

Gatwa Israel Junior

Finance Officer

Gatwa Israel Junior is an accountant who leverages financial data to support The Green Protector’s climate action initiatives. Through meticulous analysis and reporting, Gatwa Israel Junior empowers the organization to make informed decisions that maximize resources and contribute to measurable environmental impact.

Christian Muhoza

childhood Education Expert

As an expert in early childhood development, Christian is deeply committed to nurturing the minds of tomorrow while fostering a profound connection to the natural world. Notably. He plays a pivotal role within the Environmental and Climate Change Education Officeof the Green Protector organization, where he has been instrumental in crafting and refining TGP’s Early Childhood Program.

Paul Chukwuma

Environmental Policy Officer & Communication Officer

Paul is a final year student at the African Leadership University. He passionate about helping grassroots organizations communicate strategically, plan and execute projects, and achieve strong brand awareness this he does leveraging his research expertise. As an aspiring youth negotiator he is interested in adaptation as a negotiation item


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  • info@thegreenprotector.org

The Green Protector

Friends of The Environment 

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