Tugubwe Neza Project

Tugubwe Neza Project Improved life standards of KOTWUKA members and neighborhood through promotion of sustainable water accessibility and agro-ecological practices (Kamabuye project) was implemented in Bugesera district located in the Eastern Province in Rwanda. In the region, the climate is dry and the district has been affected by drought and desertification. This project targeted members of the KOTWUKA cooperative( Koperative Twunge Ubumwe Kamabuye)  

With the overall objective of “promoting sustainable water accessibility, resilient ecological agriculture and enhancing  household income.” with the following specific objectives:

  • Increased water accessibility of KOTWUKA greenhouse, Kamabuye healthy Centre and neighboring population.
  • KOTWUKA co-operative agriculture  facilities and production enhanced.  
  • Agro-ecological practices in greenhouse crop production  introduced. 

The number of beneficiaries were 300 male and 200 female.  Improved water access, community collaboration, employment opportunities, skill development, and enhanced nutrition highlight the positive impact of the project on the participants and recipient communities. These benefits contribute to the overall well-being and sustainable development of the community.

Sustainable water access, economic development, improved health, agricultural sustainability, and community development underscore the transformative impact of the combined water supply and greenhouse farming project. These lasting benefits contribute to the resilience and prosperity of the participant communities over the years


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