High School Debates

At The Green Protector, we believe in the power of dialogue and informed discussion to drive positive change in our environment. That’s why we have embraced debates as a cornerstone initiative in our mission to foster environmental stewardship among youth. Debates provide a platform for students to delve into complex environmental issues, examine different perspectives, and develop critical thinking skills. Through structured arguments and rebuttals, participants not only deepen their understanding of climate change, pollution, and biodiversity but also learn how to articulate their views effectively.

2023 Debates

In 2023, with the financial support of the German Embassy Rwanda we implemented a project entitled: “Youth active driven engagement in Climate action and Climate policy” which aims to showcase Rwanda’s inclusive climate change policy by allowing today’s generation to be active stakeholders through community action, education, awareness raising and pressing current issues in climate change. As part of this project, we hosted a debate competition whose main goal is to provide students with education about climate change and the environment. Objective: To strengthen students’ knowledge on climate change and environmental protection and foster active engagement in climate action.  Students from 8 schools were mobilized in the debate: GS Kicukiro, Lycée Notre Dame de Cîteaux, GS Camp Kanombe, GS Gatenga, Ecole Sainte Famille, Lycée De Kigali, College Saint André, GS Rwankuba engaging and learning from each other.

Students prepared themselves to debate on these five motions on both sides(agreeing and not agreeing to the statements). 
Theme 1: climate action
1. This house believes that adopting a vegetarian lifestyle should be actively encouraged as a government policy to combat climate change.
2. This house believes that young/ youth people are crucial stakeholders in combating climate change. 

Theme 2: Pollution:
Air pollution and plastics pollution
1. This house supports a worldwide ban on plastics
2. This house supports the implementation of penalties for food wastes

Theme 3
: Biodiversity
1. This house believes that agriculture does contribute significantly to climate change.


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