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Time the only treasure we have

I remember it was in summer time in July 2014 where I decided to start learning how to play guitar with my colleague and neighbor who was good at playing that instrument. I took that decision because I liked so much to play guitar but also because I was jobless and I had nothing to do at that time just the only thing that I had to do was to wait until the starting of my University study


Impact of climate change on mental health

When we think of the impacts of climate change, we immediately think about extreme weather
events, drought, flooding and their effects on the environment, agriculture, infrastructure,
economy, and possibly on physical health but never on mental health


Rise for Cancer Alley — It’s More Than a Rally, It’s a Movement

Remember, remember the 8th of September! Greenpeace pipelines organizer Charles Brown went to Louisiana to support the Rise for Cancer Alley events last weekend, which took place in the Gordon Plaza neighborhood of New Orleans, LA and then in St. James, LA. The first rally demanded an evacuation route for residents of St. James Parish, LA and the other demanded relocation for residents living on toxic ground in the Gordon Plaza neighborhood of New Orleans, LA.


How One Diver Woke Up to the Plastic Pollution Problem

A couple years ago, I had the pleasure of teaching a young couple to dive in Thailand on one of my favorite reefs. Weather conditions were perfect, with mild currents and excellent visibility of the stunning topography and bright, vivid corals. Even through the regulator, I could see the smiles on my students’ faces.


Faces of the Future

The doorbell rings and hugs are gleefully exchanged between two teenage girls at the This is Zero Hour home base in Petworth, Washington D.C. What started as 16-year-old Seattle native Jamie Margolin’s idea for a youth-led climate march, the Zero Hour movement now includes a diverse team of youth activists from across the country fighting for climate justice.


Meet Anna, the 11-year-old Activist Saving the Ocean!

Greenpeace’s Oceans Director, John Hocevar, has an 11-year old niece named Anna. When Anna was little, she would spend hours asking John questions about the ocean. “Why are dolphins always smiling?” “Do goldfish like living in bowls?” “Have you ever seen a whale? An octopus? A starfish?”

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